5 Ways To Your Guests With Clean Upholstery Items, Pikes Peak Chem-Dry
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Having friends or family over can be an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful getting everything ready. Vacuuming, dusting, or wiping things down can take some time. After all that is done you might think you are ready! Well, you might realize that you’ve made a huge mistake when you sit down to play a game or watch a movie with your guests just a few hours later and discover the popcorn crumbs, stains, or dirt hidden in or on your furniture!

The truth is, upholstery items are used daily but are sometimes forgotten during clean up time. It could look clean on the surface or maybe it just seems too daunting of a task when you look at your furniture. Whatever your case may be, Pikes Peak Chem-Dry in Colorado Springs, Co and and the surrounding areas has you covered with professional upholstery cleaning. Here are some ways you can keep your upholstery items clean and how it will impress your friends and family.

Try your best to prevent stains

You might be looking at this in disgust because this is advice that you already knew but you still have a lingering stain that is haunting you. Well do your best to keep drinks, food, nail polish, and other staining items away from the couch or have a way to keep spills from happening. If your couch has already been a victim of a stain give us a call at Pikes Peak Chem-Dry. We specialize in removing even the worst of stains from upholstery items. With a fresh, stainless couch, your friends will not have to worry about any of the lingering stains leaving a stain on their pants, making them much more comfortable during their stay.

Move it around or shift it occasionally

To some people this might seem a little silly or tedious but moving your furniture, even just to vacuum regularly can prevent unwanted dust, allergens, and other grime from collecting underneath or on your couch. If your guest drops something underneath the couch it’s a much more pleasant experience to grab their item without grabbing a handful of dust or hair along with it. This is a simple thing you can do every couple of weeks. You might even consider rearranging your furniture to switch things up in your living room occasionally as well.

ALWAYS check between the cracks

There are a few reasons that you should always check between the cracks and even under the cushions.

  1. There almost always seems to be crumbs hiding in there that look and feel gross for guests
  2. You might find that lost wallet or item you’ve been looking for!
  3. You might even be able to collect enough money in change to by a small meal!
  4. It’s clean and looks much better

Vacuum around the couch regularly

Just like carpets, upholstery items attract dust and allergens from the air. Overtime, this can hurt your furniture’s look and durability. Having a clean carpet around it will help maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery items. So regularly around your upholstery items and your friends will be even more impressed!

Regularly request a professional carpet cleaning

In the end, there are only so many things that you can do to keep your upholstery items cleaned. A regular, professional upholstery cleaning will help your furniture stay fresh throughout the year. It is suggested that upholstery items should be cleaned at least once a year. Pikes Peak Chem-Dry in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas, offers healthy, professional, and reliable carpet cleaning for you and your family.

So what are you waiting for? Impress your friends and family (especially your in-laws) with your fresh, clean, and healthy upholstery items! Call today to learn more and request a cleaning with us at Pikes Peak Chem-Dry. (719) 550-1144