4 Tips For Your Back To School Cleaning [Pike's Peak Chem-Dry]
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Back to school; the words your kids might be dreading. It can be an exciting time to start a new grade, meet new people, and maybe even go to a new school. During the summer, your kids are in and out more often, giving more opportunity for allergens, dirt, and grime to enter into your home. It’s the prime time to start thinking about a back to school cleaning to get your home ready for fall and the colder weather. You might not know where to start so here are some tips to get you going!

Cleaning Checklist

It might be smart to start by giving your kids a cleaning checklist. You may have already given your kids a list of chores to do during the summer but there’s a good chance that they have lost a routine like they had during the school year. Giving your kids at least a small list of things to clean and do (and possibly finish in a certain amount of time) can help them get back into a routine and fulfil responsibilities. Not only will they help you clean the house, they will also be more prepared to go back to school. So start by making a small checklist for them to finish. 

Get Things Organized

Kids collect papers and other clutter over the course of the school year. It can be hard to organize everything and keep it clean throughout the year. A trick that might help now is to start the school year off organized! Go through your kids stuff, get rid of anything that they don’t need, make sure their things have a good spot, and find a place where they can put their future clutter in. This can save a lot of time and energy in the future. It also makes your home look a lot cleaner and more organized for your family and guests.

Clean Your Refrigerator (And Other Appliances)

Getting your refrigerator clean before your kids leave can help you and them feel more organized for meals and snacks that you might need. We all have mornings that are a little slower than others. Knowing your go-to-food and where to find it quickly can make the difference for the days that your kids need to rush out of the house. Take everything out of the fridge and deep clean it. Take the time to look at what foods you want and where to put them. This will keep you from wasting food and help your kids know where to find their favorite snacks when they come home. Also, clean your other appliances to keep them shiny and fresh. 

Get Your Carpet And Upholstery Cleaned

After a summer full of kids running in and out of your house, it might be time for a carpet and upholstery cleaning. Dirt and allergens enter into your home and can ruin the look and healthiness of carpets and furniture. Before the weather starts to cool down and as your kids start to go back to school, it’s a great idea to get a professional cleaning to keep your home clean and fresh. Pike’s Peak Chem-Dry provides professional cleaning services in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas. Chem-Dry uses Green-Certified products that are copied from nature to insure your home is not only cleaner but healthier also. 

As you can see, with just a few ideas and tips, your back to school cleaning will be better than ever. With some effort from you and your kids (and a little help from Chem-Dry) your home will be ready to go!