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How To Conquer Stains

Featured Image Stains will always happen. You might be stuck with knowing what to do with your stains. Here are some tips that might help you! Click now to learn more....


4 Tips For Your Back To School Cleaning

Featured Image With summer coming to an end, it's ready to get ready to go back to school. This means a back to school cleaning should be on your agenda. Here are a few tips that might help you get started....


Chem-Dry vs. The Others

Featured Image What makes Chem-Dry different than the other carpet cleaning companies? Click here to see a few reasons!...


How to keep your pets happy (and your home clean at the same time)

Featured Image Pets. They can be some of our greatest companions and friends. They can make us happy and brighten up our homes. With all of this pets can also bring us some grief when they make a mess around the house. It can be a struggle to keep your pets happy while keeping your home clean and you happy as well. Here are some simple ideas that might help you!...


5 Ways That Having Clean Furniture Will Impress Your Guests

Featured Image Having friends or family over can be an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful getting everything ready. Sometimes upholstery items are forgotten in the hassle of cleaning. Here are some ways that might make you want to think about cleaning your furniture and how to do it also!...


Facts About Chem-Dry

Featured Image Interesting Facts About Chem-Dry!...


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Featured Image Do you want to do a deep spring cleaning but don’t know where to start? Well here are some tips from Pike’s Peak Chem-Dry to get you going!...


Why Carpet Stains Seem to Reappear

Featured Image Why do stains that you clean always seem to reappear? Here are some of the reasons and always ways to prevent it!...


Chem-Dry Vs Steam Cleaning

Featured Image Hot Carbonating Extraction makes our methods the best in the industry! See for yourself the many benefits of the Chem-Dry way!...